Crosstalk Ministries Cardboard Testimonies

Don’t listen to those voices and lose all your beliefs! Become the child of the one true King! Be set FREE!

Incredible Women! Successful Survivors!

Crosstalk Ministries Kristi’s Story

The Amazing Story of how Kristi found the Lord and became who she was supposed to be.

Incredible Women! Successful Survivors!

Crosstalk Ministries Traci’s Story

Desperate times and feeling alone. Traci finds hope and finds strength with Crosstalk ministries.

A survivor from the blood of Jesus Christ.

Crosstalk Ministries Chelsea’s Story

He broke a chair over my back. Someone there said that this pill will help my back. That was the start of my whole addiction. I started spiraling downhill. I lost MYSELF.

Donna brought me a recovery bible and sometimes I just open it up and say what does God want to show me today. I remember this verse that God takes all your material things to bring you back to him. I had nothing, and it brought me closer to him.

Now that I have things, I still am close to him because I am grateful because I wouldn’t have anything without him.

I get my life back, and it’s the BEST FEELING EVER!

Incredible Women! Successful Survivors!